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VIP Treatment off Mauis Magnificent Coast

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March 2, 2012

Sometimes the best place to be on Maui is technically not “on” Maui at all! While no one will dispute the relaxing qualities a beautiful waterfront Kapalua home or luxury Maui condo at the Kapalua Ironwoods has to offer, the calming waves of the Pacific just off our lovely shoreline also offer a plethora of experiences to be enjoyed morning, noon, and night. From snorkeling amongst the teeming marine life within the Molokini crater, to kite boarding and surfing off Maui’s famed North Shore, our island has just as much to enjoy off island as it does on. In fact, there is a very big reason to enjoy a bit of offshore activity right now as Maui is in the midst of a spectacular whale season!

Every year, magnificent Humpback whales make the journey to our coast from November through April; relaxing in the oh so warm waters of Maui. During this time you would be hard pressed not to see water spouting from the surface, a whales’ tale or head peeking out just above the surface, or a full breach (a big jump above water jump and subsequent splashdown) from the shoreline of your ocean view Kapalua home or Kapalua Ironwoods condo. As spectacular a sight such as these may be from the shoreline outside of your luxury Maui home, experiencing such amazing events up close and personal is simply spectacular on a whole other level.

As whale season is rapidly coming to a close, if you would like to experience the wonders of these magnificent mammals one last time before they begin their migratory journey away from our island home, you will most likely want to consider a chartered whale watch cruise ASAP. While there are many of these cruises available from a variety of vendors, one cruise which looks to be of particular interest comes courtesy of the Pacific Whale Foundation via their special VIP cruise. Known for their work in marine research, education, and conservation, the Pacific Whale Foundation will be holding whale watching cruises with the Foundation’s founder Greg Kaufman on board to provide his unique insight on the habits of the Humpback Whale populations which visit our island home every year.

The next Pacific Whale Foundation VIP Cruise will be departing on March 3rd, so call (808) 249-8811 now to make your reservations for this very special whale watching adventure!

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