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At Home on Maui with the Sakamotos

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July 20, 2012

While the Fourth of July holiday has come and gone (all too quickly we might add,) on July 3rd a very special event took place at the radio studio which hosts our fantastic show, Betty’s Real Estate Corner: an on air Sakamoto get together of epic proportions!

In this episode Betty and Roy welcome daughter Shelly, her daughters Taylor and Madison, and close family friend Daryl. As you can see, family is an extremely important aspect of Roy and ?Betty’s lives; something which is of great value to not just their personal lives, but their profession as well. After all, many buyers looking for a luxury home in Kapalua are doing so with family needs in mind; considerations which Betty and Roy are very well versed in!

YouTube video

While the majority of this episode is about getting to know the extended Sakamoto clan, there is a fair bit of Maui real estate information featured as well. Some of the highlights:

Great news: the real estate market on Maui is on the rise once again!

Amazing luxury homes in Kapalua at 214 Crestview Road and 114 Woodrose (both fantastically spacious with lots of room for families)

Four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an ohana atop over two acres of pristine land at 102 Honolua Place!

Applications for first time home buyer grants of $15,000 are currently being accepted by the government. With only so many funds to go around, now is the time to apply and get into your first home / stepping stone to your dream home on Maui!

Enjoy this latest episode of Betty’s Real Estate Corner and as always, contact us here at Sakamoto Properties or visit our Facebook page if you are in the market for a first, second, even third home on Maui. Mahalo!

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