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Best Things to do in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii

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May 14, 2021

There are many reasons why you should consider moving to Kapalua, Hawaii, and making it your home. Aside from the chill island vibe, the island is home to luxury dining and lodging, making it a popular destination among serious golfers, affluent people, and top-billed celebrities. The good news is you don’t have to be famous to enjoy the island’s stunning landscapes, outdoor activities, and amazing shores. A good number of their attractions are free and open even to off-property visitors.

If you’re planning to visit Kapalua, Hawaii soon, or if you’re thinking about moving to this part of the world but are still not sure to give it a go, check out these enjoyable things you can do on the island. Hopefully, these will help you realize that a vacation or property investment here is the way to go.

Why Buy a Home or Condo in Kapalua?

There are many fun and exciting activities you can enjoy in Kapalua after buying a Kapalua condo or a house for sale in Kapalua. You don’t have to go to a different island or town to enjoy the activities you only get to enjoy during summer or extended holidays. While you’re enjoying all that paradise has to offer, you’re not exactly off the grid and still have access to important amenities and necessities such as a high-speed internet connection. Accessibility to various types of communications is not a problem for the island people.

Plus, there are various properties here that offer a stunning view of the whole island. It doesn’t matter if the shoreline is the last thing you want to see before going to bed or if you want to take a walk down the trail before hitting the sack. Everything you want to do is within your arm’s reach. And when you want to enjoy the fresh air and fantastic scenery, you can simply go out of your home, walk through the neighboring villages, and mingle with the locals. Now, who could ever resist that thought?

Enjoy the Beaches

There are five fine beaches in Kapalua that are open to the public. You don’t need to pay for expensive membership of private villas just to experience these pristine beaches. Most of these public bodies of water were even recognized as the best beaches in America. This means they could easily compete with the pools and private resorts in lavish villas. Here, you can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, canoeing, paddleboarding, and more. No matter where you’re from and your idea of fun, these beaches won’t disappoint.

One of this island’s treasures is Kapalua Beach. It has calm water all year round, so you could safely let your kids learn to swim here. If you want a place to meditate and simply enjoy what nature has to offer, you can try visiting D.T. Fleming beach. It has shaded and quieter spots filled with ironwood trees.

If you want to try a marine life exploration activity, you can visit Mokule’ia and Honolua bays. These bays are known for being conservation districts for aquatic resources. Honolua Bay has a less rocky shore with an abundance of coral and fish, making it an ideal spot for summertime scuba divers and snorkelers. In winter, it’s also perfect for cold water surfing.

Play Golf

Kapalua is not only home to great and outstanding shorelines but also state-of-the-art golf courses. No wonder A-listers love it here — they can always play golf when they’re tired of swimming on the beaches. There are two golf courses on the island, and these are Bay Course and Plantation Course. The former is a par-72 course, while the latter is par-73.

Plantation Course has been designed by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, both world-class golf architects. Compared to Bay Course, Plantation Course is better yet more challenging. As such, it’s the golf course of choice for PGA tours and other major competitions. Aside from the complexity of the course, it also offers a spectacular view of the Western Maui mountain vistas.

On the other hand, Bay Course is more fitted for starters and non-professional golfers. It’s older than the Plantation Course, but it also offers a fantastic view of the oceanside. The good news is even if you’re not a member of any clubs, you can still enjoy any of these golf courses.

Go Hiking

When you’re done playing golf and you want to spend more time with nature, the island also offers over 100 miles of hiking trails. One of these accessible public trails in the Coastal Trail could take hikers to the D.T. Fleming Beach from Kapalua Bay. As you walk your way through this oceanside trail, you’ll also come across the Ritz Carlton grounds and Oneloa Bay. When you reach the center of the great Kapalua Village, you can also access the village’s six walking trails that would all lead you to the elevated parts of the island that was once a golf course.

There, you can enjoy the stunning view of the duck-filled lake. You must note trails that need you to take the complimentary shuttle ride offered by the resort in the area. One of these trails is Mahana Ridges that will take you to the nearby gulches with amazing views.

Try Ziplining

Go all out in your Kapalua adventure and try zip lining in the island’s two-mile zip line. Don’t pass on this chance, as it will allow you to get an astonishing bird’s eye view of the mountainous parts of West Maui. The zipline course here has eight spans with two lines that allow guests to zip line simultaneously. If you’re not ready to zipline, you can simply enjoy the island’s suspension bridge and giant swing. You can also book moonlight tours from local travel and tour companies. You can do whatever you fancy here.

Something is charming about island living that makes people always wish to try it. The chill vibe, no-stress environment, and simple lifestyle make life in the tropics so endearing. Don’t pass on the chance to live that dream. Secure a Kapalua property for you and your family today. Who knows, you might love it here that you’ll wish to move and stay here for good.

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