Lahainaluna High School Football - One Mind, One Body, One Spirit

Lahainaluna High School Football – One Mind, One Body, One Spirit

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February 15, 2024
Lahainaluna High School Football – One Mind, One Body, One Spirit

Roy and Betty are well known for cheering on the Luna’s through the years. Roy himself is a graduate of this, the first school west of the Rockies. But perhaps less known is that Roy was actually born in a makeshift hospital on the school grounds during WWII.

The August 2023 fires devastated Lahaina’s families, leaving many students without homes and communities in disarray. But amidst the ashes, the “Lunas” shone bright. After surviving the largest fires in the history of Hawaii, and coming back strong we know that everyone can clearly see it too. These young men displayed great resilience as they rose above the flames, proving their strength and reminding everyone that the spirit of Lahainaluna burns brighter than any fire.

All the things that make Lahaina great are reflected in the Lahainaluna High School football team. Hard work, selflessness, and teamwork – football has been an integral connection to the Maui community. The first game back is a football game they’ll always remember, one that allowed a town to heal a bit and forget for a time.

NFL Football Field

This video put out by the NFL shows how football is more than just a sport, it can bring the community together. Our community of Lahaina and all the young men and women of Lahainaluna have risen from the ashes to show how important it is to find some sense of normalcy. It’s not just about a game, it’s about the people.

We are Lahaina – We are resilient – Together we stand Strong

2024 Super Bowl LVIII

The Lahainaluna football team had the experience of a lifetime at Super Bowl LVIII as they got to take part as the honorary coin toss captains! Players Morgan “Bula” Montgomery, Teva Loft, Kaulana Tihada, and Kuola Watson were joined on the field by Lahainaluna football coaches Dean Rickard (co-head coach), Garret Tihada (associate head coach) and Bobby Watson (former head coach).

NFL Football Players and Referees

Lahainaluna High School Alma Mater

Lahainaluna Seminary was built in 1831 overlooking the town of Lahaina on land gifted by Chiefess Kalakua Hoapiliwahine and is deeply ingrained in the history of Maui.

In 1898, a Lahainaluna student by the name of Albert Kaleikini went on an excursion to Pa’upa’u. Once he beheld the wonderous view from the hill above the school, he was moved to write “Lahainaluna”, which became the Alma Mater.

(Words and Music by Albert Kaleikini; Arranged by Samuel K. Mookini)

‘O ka Malu ‘ulu o Lele (Nō e ka ‘oi)
Nā kualono nani ē (kū kilakila)
Me ka ua kilikilihune (Aʻo Hālona)
Hoʻopulu  i ke oho o ka palai

‘O Lāhainā, Lāhaināluna nani
Ka hōkū hele ho‘i o ka Pakipika
Ipu kukui ‘a ā mau (Pio ‘ole)
I ka makani Kaua ‘ula

Hu ‘i anu ka wai ma uka (Wai piula)
Ka ‘oē nenehe ike aumoe (‘Olu ē)
‘Au ‘au nā manu o ka uka (‘Oka uka weli)
Ho ‘olono  i ka leo pelekani


Oh, the land of shadow of the flying breadfruit
The wonder of lands
With the every spraying delightful showers
(of Halona)
Wetting the foliage of the ferns

Oh, Lahaina, Lahainaluna nani (beauty)
The leading star of the Pacific
The ever burning torch which cannot be
Extinguished by the fierce winds of Kaua‘ula

With the cool waters from the mountains
(the springing waters)
Dripping silently during the midnight
(so comforting)
The Birds happily bathing in its freshness
Listen to their echo in the valley

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