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Tell me about Coconut Grove at Kapalua
December 15, 2015

Roy & Betty discuss what makes owning a luxury condo at The Coconut Grove at Kapalua Bay so special and why it's one of Maui's most desirable beachfront neighborhoods in this Maui Video Blog. Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Roy what do you think? Tell me a little bit about Coconut Grove so that we can describe it to someone that's looking at our website. I think it's really important.

Roy: It's one of the questions that we get asked a lot. Coconut Grove, I mean there is no better location you're right smack on Kapalua Bay. Thirty-six, three bedroom units, two story, low rise excellent, excellent location. Sunrise, sunsets all year round.

Betty: They're large units which, for condominiums all around Maui, there are very few properties that are really large and really livable. There are lots of closet space. A number of the units have elevators and those that don't have an elevator, the space is there so that anyone wanting to can put an elevator in, which for groceries and all of the things you want to get up and down or for someone that needs it at a given time. So, I think they thought about everything when they built Coconut Grove.

Roy: Plus you're right on Kapalua Bay which had been named one of the best beaches in the world, many, many times.

Betty: It's been on that Conde Nast list any number of times as the world's best beach. And not just one of, but it actually has been named 'the world's best beach' and for those of us that go out there and enjoy the water, you know you always just think, it's just home. You forget that it really is a place where the world comes to stay at Kapalua and to stay and be out on this beach. It's amazing. It's fabulous.

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