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What About Tennis in the Kapalua Resort Area?
January 29, 2016

Ready to get your game on? Roy & Betty talk serve up the info on all the best places to play tennis in the Kapalua Resort area in this Maui Video Blog. Do you have a question about island real estate or anything Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Roy: How about tennis at Kapalua?

Betty: Tennis at Kapalua. If you even just begin to describe the tennis garden which was originally stated and its true its ten tennis courts in a garden setting. So, no matter where you are in the tennis courts, you're looking at ocean view, you're looking at gardens everywhere, absolutely amazing. Perfect. They are now the U.S. Open courts.

R: They are the same surface, right.

B: Same surface as the U.S. Open so, they're beautiful, the courts are great, management is really good. If you're here and you want to play tennis, if you just drop in there when you arrive and sign up, they'll get people for you to play with. If you want to come over and play in round robins or there is a daily stroke of the day so you can come down and maybe work on Monday on full shot, full swing and then you'll have net play and it's really great and it's not that expensive.

R: Serves.

B: Serving. And again, ten tennis courts. At the Ritz-Carlton, there are another ten tennis courts which haven't been used as much in recent years and it's hard to say if that's going to make a comeback but it possibly will. As time went on, they didn't need twenty tennis courts that were active with two whole huge tennis facilities but a number of the properties, the Ironwoods has two tennis courts.

R: Pineapple Hill

B: Pineapple Hill has two tennis courts. There's one private owner up at the Plantation Golf Course, one of the homes that has his own tennis court and we aren't thinking that anyone is going to be able to do that again. But tennis is alive and well here and there is all sorts of talk of more and more and more. Its going to be better and better every year. Tennis is great here.

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