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What are some of the reasons you feel Lucky to Live Lahaina?
January 3, 2017

Why should you consider living in Lahaina? Elizabeth and Betty discuss all the wonders of Lahaina, Maui. It's hard to cover them all, but we'll touch on some of our favorite things Lahaina has to offer its residents. - Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Aloha and welcome again to the Sakamoto Properties blog. Elizabeth Quayle and I are here trying to answer questions, but one of the interesting ones is a lot of people ask us about Lahaina, being in Lahaina and a couple of years ago remember when we did on our radio show, the show that was “Lucky we live Lahaina.”

Elizabeth: Absolutely.

B: Why don’t we do a little of that, why don’t you come up with, if you run out of things, I’ll pop in. But what are some of the reasons you feel lucky to live Lahaina?

E: We’ll never run out of reasons. Right off the bat, let me just say that we are so absolutely spoiled in that we’ve got maybe ten miles of beachfront properties, restaurants, parks. It is such a fabulous place to raise a family; it is such an awesome place to come visit. The Ohana and family feel that you have, Island life, but here in particular, because we only have about ten percent of the population living on this side of the island. So the reasons are countless, you have, you know the football games, you have the charity walks, you have the surf contests, everything revolves around family fun. We have beautiful chefs, we have great food, festivals… You could go everyday to a restaurant in West Maui and have a great meal for months straight.

B: Absolutely, and at every price range. You know you said a minute ago, football, okay let’s hit football. Lahainaluna football, it’s almost a cult. When you go to a football game, right now there’s stands for 3,000 people and there’s lots of places to hang around and stand up above, etc. The stadium is pretty much sold out for every game. Every generation, every Lahainaluna graduate that’s in the area is coming to at least some of the games you want to be at the Lahainaluna high school for a game. You can check the Lahainaluna High School Foundation.org, it will have the schedule on there, it’s in the newspaper. I mean those were some of the greatest things you just said.

E: Well what makes home, home. It’s about family and another thing you and I kind of chuckle a lot about, there’s nowhere you can go without getting a hug. Somebody’s going to know you somebodies going to hug you. In most cases, you’re going to be smelling flowers while this is happening.

B: You know…Remember cheers.

E: Yes, everybody knows you…

B: Everybody knows your name and they’re happy that you came. And today, if you walk into First Hawaiian Bank, Bank of Hawaii, you walk into a football game, you walk into anywhere, you know somebody and they’re happy to see you. The Ohana is unbelievable. The different people who become a family here, there is a family that, there’s a special family that exists here just because you live Lahaina. Just because…

E: Absolutely. We are lucky to live here

B: We are lucky to live Lahaina.