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What is Christmas like on Maui?
December 22, 2015

Roy & Betty talk about the magic of Christmas in Hawaii in this Maui Video Blog. From all the amazing Christmas decoration displays, the beautiful Hawaiian music, Santa coming in on an outrigger canoe, a great time is had by all. Just another reason why you should call Maui home! Do you have a question about real estate or Maui in general? Ask our Maui experts!

Betty: Okay another question we've got today is: what about Christmas on Maui, how is it? I grew up in Buffalo, New York, lived in Chicago for a while, met my husband Roy Sakamoto almost 40 years ago so, I've spent a lot of Christmases here. We have never left, we haven't gone anywhere for Christmas. We don't go back to Buffalo, we don't go anywhere because this is home. And when you come here for Christmas and so many visitors come here, year after year, after year for Christmas, what could be better? Santa Clause comes in from the ocean, it's absolutely the most fun thing you could ever see. If you go to any place that Santa is arriving on Maui, pretty good you will see a canoe coming in and Santa Clause hopping out and kids on the beach, slippers everywhere, getting into the water. The decorations for Christmas here are second to none in the world. I don't think New York City or any of the most fabulous cities in the world do any better than Kapalua and Maui for Christmas decorations.

Roy: All New York can offer that's more is snow.

Betty: The Hawaiian music that features. You know there are really so many fabulous Mele Kalikimaka songs that, those are the songs that I think about now when I think of Christmas. Christmas in Hawaii.

Roy: What about Christmas Day at our house?

Betty: Oo, now that's a scary thing. We tend to do a Christmas Day at our house and the number of people are always questionable up until the very last minute. Where people are going to sit we never know for sure. We know we will have enough food, it'll get a little crazy. It's definitely not seated with China and perfect silverware, but I think everybody has a great time.

Roy: We've had a lot of friends and relatives over, including some famous people.

Betty: We have. Louie Anderson will probably be here this year. The comedian Louie Anderson, he's so great and he'll come over any time that he's in town. We've had some of the greatest golfers in the world if they've been here for Christmas here. There are so many people.

Roy: Yeah.

Betty: Burt Lancaster. At the time he was here, we were only barbequing at the Ridge but now we really have a great Christmas party, dinner. It's not exactly a party, it's Christmas. I don't have to call it anything.

Roy: Including Hanumas.

Betty: Hanumas. We called it Hanumas because we had some friends who were celebrating Hanukkah and we decided we would rename it so we called that day Hanumas. She made some potato pancakes called...

Roy: Latkes.

Betty: Latkes. I think it's Latkes. So, it really did make our Christmas that year Hanumas. So, if you're around... Ooo, I better not say that. We might be maxed already this year.

Roy: It's okay.

Betty: Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!

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