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Betty's Maui Real Estate Corner: Featured Maui Homes in Kapalua and Napili.
January 20, 2015

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Here we are in the studio, Roy and Betty Sakamoto.

Roy Sakamoto: Good Morning!

B: Again bringing you Betty's Real Estate Corner

R: Sponsored by Sakamoto Properties.

B: Thank you so much for being here. On the Lahainaluna side we just had again, Neil Everett kind of bringing us into this, but I want to talk a little bit about the Lahainaluna girls basketball team, wouldn't you think it's worth talking about?

R: Wow. We were at the game last Saturday and one hundred wins in a row in the MIL. It's quite an accomplishment.

B: And unprecedented, the girls have won every game since particular date in I think 2008, this is huge.

R: And you know what's happened they don't want to be the ones to end the streak, the girls playing now, so they are playing extra hard to keep their streak going and I'll tell you congratulations to King Kekaulike. The Na Alii team really played well. Lahainaluna was just a little bit overwhelming in that game but compliments t King Kekaulike also.

B: You know one thing I have to say, I agree with you Roy, the girls were all really great sports and you know nothing is any harder than being on a team that is being beaten by a huge score. I think the final score was 73 to 24 but the girls were totally great sports throughout everything. I didn't see, what I would consider to be once instance of poor sportsmanship, especially based on a difficult lose.

R: No and that's the way sports should be played and play hard but play fair and be treated like you or treat others like you would want to be treated and I think the girls do a really good job, a perfect of example of all that.

B: I think your right. The girls winning are great sports, the girls that lost are great sports and through everything that we have seen with this whole girls thing going on. I think the sportsmanship is really the key and to all kids in all sports, you need to learn how to be a good loser but you also need to learn how to be a goodwinner and maybe being a really great winner is harder than anything, harder than even learning to be a good loser.

R: Exactly. No, no question. It's hard to win graciously it's easy I think maybe to lose graciously, yeah the other team was better, but it's hard to win graciously, where you're not gloating over another opponent and saying, hey we beat the heck out of you, not good.

B: Totally agree, I mean whatever the sport is. Let's all try and remember to teach kids and grandkids and in the community, realizing that a win... it's really fabulous but you don't need to lord it over anyone, and you can still go, and the girls that other day, there were great pictures there, we were there watching them you know all go along one another, slap hands, talk, I mean I think it was really, for both teams, it was really fabulous for people in the stands, I think the majority of it, everybody showed some really great sportsmanship. So again, great job Lahainaluna High School.

R: How about the crowd though? Wow.

B: Yeah.

R: For girls basketball team, in fact I think we lost some of the crowd from the boys basketball game afterward.

B: Which is really unprecedented that people are coming to watch the girls play, even, and I don't understand this and I would like to at someday ask the question, but the band comes to play for the boys but they are not there for the girls and especially for the girls right then who were destined to win their one-hundredth game in a row. The band should have been there, the cheerleaders should be there, but the cheerleaders really are there for the boys and somewhere this should be figured out. Maybe there needs to be a new roster of cheerleaders for the girls.

R: Should be more equality.

B: Should be more equality. They did have there the color guard you know, well no the color guard wasn't there till the boys.

R: Well the flag...

B: The flag bearers, yep so yeah, it was kind of interesting, but again, great job Lahainaluna High School. Fabulous coaching, Dean Rickard right? Dean? R: Dean or Todd, I can't remember now.

B: Oh, I'm sorry. I know he is a classmate of our daughter Julie, Julie Ehu Flynn, and it was fun to get to talk to him the other day so I'm sorry now that I'm fumbling through his name. What a fabulous coach, what a great job they are doing and fabulous coaching, etc. and here we are.

R: Again, fabulous sportsmanship which is really stressed on that team and this will help the girls throughout their lives.

B: I really think so too. You know, I've said that as I get older, I grew up in a world where there were no sports for girls, nobody learned to be a team member. So I think in general, women in sports as you have age, nobody ever learned it, nobody ever learned how to say, alright great game even though we just lost terribly or how to win. Yeah, I think it's different today, I think that the more girls get to play sports and do that kind of thing where they know somebody has just missed a shot but they go over and slap hands and keep going. You know they're helping one another, bad shot but okay good, good try.

R: Yeah and I think we see this across the sports spectrum at least on Maui with the football teams, you know you are playing hard but you're not out to hurt the other player, the other team. That's the way it should be.

B: Yeah it is and I think you're right. Sports in general in Maui, I think they are doing a great job, great job at coaching all of the teams and it's great.

R: Anyway we got to sell some more bleachers.

B: We got to sell some more bleachers so...

R: So, Lahainaluna High School Foundation 661-5332, talk to Jeff or the website is:

B: cCheck it out. You can go to and also get into that website But you know check it out and the bleacher campaign it's really important and it's going to be fun because some day a lot of people will go there or you will bring your kids or grandkids or for us right now, we've done a few things there at the school that we named all of our kids and grandkids on and that's been pretty fun so that when they come they all want to go up there and see it again and that's pretty priceless.

R: Yeah, you can donate for pavers also. There are a variety of ways you can donate so, all you Lahainaluna High School Alum and residents of West Maui and of Maui actually, come on out and support this great new stadium. Should be football games coming up this fall.

B: There should be, that will be really great. There is actually also a class challenge that's been going on. So again, check out that website and you can go to where the class challenge more or less is and see which classes have already done something. We actually did the class of 1831, thinking that the first class should be represented so that class will already have a bleacher but I mean anybody can pick up all those in between classes, maybe you pick the year that someone in your family was born or the year that somebody else graduated, etc. I think we need to figure out the day and year that Roy's dad graduated which I think is 1927, if I'm not mistaken.

R: '27 or '28. Yeah, we'll double check on that.

B: We still have his diploma so I bet we should do that one also, but everybody look at it. If your class isn't doing it, do it. If you see that your class has started, put some money in and let's get that it figured out. But mean while, another important website yYou can reach us Roy and Betty Sakamoto 808-669-0070 and I think you had a couple of listings that you were thinking you wanted to chat about.

R: Yeah, Kapalua Golf Villa 26V1 in particular for starts. It's a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, it's listed at a great price $675,000. Completely upgraded, it's on the top floor of building 26 with fronts right on the Bay Course on number 11 fairway and again highly upgraded. It's in the Kapalua Villas rental program which is a very, very active rental program for those owners out there or prospective buyers who would like to rent, the Kapalua Villas has a great rental program.

B: The other one that I think is really important, 26-P 3 and 4. Same building and it's listed at $850,000, huge remodel with furniture, etc. It was way over $200,000 to do the remodel.

R: Over $250,000 actually.

B: Was it? Okay but I think really, if somebody is looking for a great property and you think about that with all of the upgrades. I mean granted, if somebody is looking to upgrade themselves, there are certainly enough units available at Kapalua that you can step in and do your own thing. But this one, fabulously done, great view, furniture perfect and very, very easy to show right now so give us call, again 808-669-0070 or look at it on the website

R: Right and this is 26-P like patio, 3 and 4 that we were just talking about and this will sell, absolutely will sell. How about the condition of the Golf Villas now overall since they have had the big refurbishing and renewal?

B: The exterior of the buildings over the last, let's say four years, everything has been done, everything that you can even think about doing to the exterior of the buildings have been done. They had a fabulous contractor in there that really worked hard with the board and of course, I always say that anytime you've got a condominium development, if you try to get everybody to agree on something, even if you said, we'll give you each $10,000 if 100% of you agree, nobody... You you can't get 100% of people to agree so it was a really hard fought battle to get everything done and the owners, you got to applaud all of them because they've stepped in and did an absolutely fabulous remodel, everything.

R: Yes. Right. New roofs, new paint, new sidings.

B: New gutters and downspouts.

R: New gutters and downspouts, landscaping. The landscaping is awesome, really, really pretty.

B: It's absolutely amazing. So much has been done that until you are there and as a matter of fact it's just a given that you lose track of the amount of money that has been spent but it really is the Kapalua Golf Villas, which in a way, is theoretically the worst house in the good neighborhood, you know they used to say that as the old real estate adage, if you can nothing else buy the worst house in a good neighborhood it will always go up and this is the lower end at Kapalua. Unbelievable views, fabulous rental programs, great amenities, there are four swimming pools there, you can have access to the Kapalua Spa, there is a type of membership available, I mean you pay for these items but everything is available that you could wish or want for in owning a luxury resort condominium.

R: And you know what is great about this apartment? It can be shown at anytime.

B: Perfect.

R: So call our office 669-0070, whoever answers the phone can show you the apartment again, 669-0070. Call and say that you want to look at 26-P 3 and 4 at the Golf Villas and if we're around, Roy or Betty, we are happy to show you and again you can look at our website and check it out and look at all the photos there.

B: We've got actually so great photos of that unit and all of our properties, and the other thing about getting into our website is take a good look at it., iIf you're thinking about anything on Maui, if you go in there, there is a spot that you can put in your general price range, you can pick an area and find everything that is currently on the market in Lahaina, you can pick Napili, Kahana, anywhere on the island and we can help you with it or at least direct you to someone that will help with it. Also Roy, the luxury real estate properties.

R: Yes.

B: You can go on there to search the world and you can go in and find properties anywhere in the world, that's really fun and then come back to Kapalua and to Maui.

R: Yeah, you can go directly to their website which is The easiest way is to get on our website and you can Shop Maui or Shop The World and check it out. It's fun and you can kind of look at different properties and different areas of the world and different areas on Maui, so check it out

B: Actually, it's interesting we have some really amazing listings. You know, most, the majority of our listings are on West Maui but let's say Kaanapali right now, just kind of throwing a few of them out. Kaanapali Plantation, amazing, older condominium development, huge views, larger units, walk down to the beach from there, again a place with great amenities, fabulous pool and something that would be worth taking a look at.

R: Tennis court, everything you need really for a second home or even as your primary residence. Kaanapali Plantation we have a couple listings there. Call our office 669-0070 and we will make arrangements for you to view all of these great properties.

B: If you're trying to reach us on your cell phone from out of town, you've got to remember the 808 part, ; 808-669-0070 and you'll reach someone that will direct you to one of our agents that will get you in as quickly as possible, spend some time with you. You know we are often saying that if you're on vacation, the thing is that you want to come and sit down with us first and let us help you figure out a general price range, what your goal is, if you're just looking for a second home, if you're looking for a property that you can, ... that's a rental property, short term rentals, long term rentals, we've got a little bit of something, I think, for everybody today. Kilinahe, Roy, in Napili right below our office, that's really an amazing property.

R: Yes, yes. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5bathoom home, plus an ohana. It's everything you want with easy living in Napili, short walk to the Napili Shopping Plaza where our office is located and also the Napili Market, florist, Maui Tacos.

B: There's another restaurant that is supposed to be coming in there and it keeps changing but I think it is happening now so that will be good. Mama's Chicken Place, which is probably best deal on the island to pick up for dinner or for lunch. I think it's amazingly good. So there is a little something, the florist there is great, but it's some place that you can walk to. I used to think that the buyer would a owner- occupant but our most recent showings have been second home people that are thinking this works for them. They could live right now in the ohana and rent out the house and when they are ready to retire and be here more, we've had a couple of those people or just the opposite, live in the house and maybe even have a care taker in the ohana so I think that is being showed for a lot of different reasons, but again, I think that is a huge value.

R: Huge, huge, absolutely. Here's another one that is a great value 11 Hua Nui Way, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, gated community and its listed at $1,275,000. Call our office. This one is also easy to get into see. Call our office 808-669-0070 and tell them you want to look at 11 Hua Nui Way.

B: You know another listing right now, and I don't remember the price on it at the moment which it should be here on our sheets, but you know Napilihau We have a great home listed in there and again I'm not finding it right now, but we really have a super listing home 3 bedrooms I think, 1 bath, but Napilihau is really a great owner-occupant place. Anyone that lives there is comfortable with it. It's older, you know single wall construction, but again, great neighborhood, you can walk over to the Napili Market, if you're buying something you can get to everything you need walking and I think again that's good for a lot of people.

R: Right and that's actually a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath and guess what, that just went into escrow.

B: Oops, okay.

R: Yeah.

B: Wrong again.

R: But there are other listings there that we can help you with, so call our office 808-669-0070 and we'll make sure you get in.

B: Another property that I think is another great investment property today is Napili Ridge. We've got a couple of listings in there, condominiums starting at $199,000 and going up to $269,000, but again, great place, it's got good management, good rental program. We have one listed at $269,000, it actually has ocean and Molokai views, updated kitchen, furnished and these are good rental possibilities so that if you were looking to have a property on Maui that you come over here, that you maybe manage yourself or you have a real estate agent, you should actually have a real estate agent managing these on your behalf, but it really makes a lot of sense investment wise and for the years a lot of people are coming back and forth and they are not ready to live here, people make an investment like a rental property and then they have to get over here once a year unfortunately to check it out so that's a great possibility.

R: And how about Napili Kai number 229, studio, listed at $849,000, right at Napili Bay. In fact, we had lunch at the restaurant yesterday.

B: We did.

R: What a great location.

B: That's fabulous. Amazing. The Napili Kai restaurant, what is that, I always lose track of the name it.

R: It used to be Tea House on the Maui Hills?

B: Yes.

R: But that's an old name for it

B: That's probably over 30 years ago but we can't give up that name. The Sea House. I think it's the Sea House now.

R: Yeah.

B: But again, fabulous lunch but the rentals there are unbelievable, you know most of these places are rented, I'd say 80% of the time, huge.

R: Maybe more.

B: Maybe more. We know because we we've have 3 or 4 listings there. Fortunately, we've been able to sell them all except we've got one right now that we need to get sold and it's hard because it's rented again 80-85% of the time so usually when someone is here trying to look at it, it's a problem, but it's ocean front, absolutely amazing value and that's another place they took that down pretty much to the studs. The whole buildings perfect, they are done perfect.

R: Right and right around the other end of Napili Bay is Napili Point and B-5 which is a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, listed at $599,000. Now there is a little twist to it, it's a lease hold property but the lease is something like $7-8 a month.

B: It's worth it.

R: Oh yes, it goes until 2046 so call our office for details for this lease hold property. The view is directly out to Molokai, apartment number is B-5 at Napili Point so call our office, again 808-669-0070 or look at our website and look for Napili Point B-5.

B: Believe it or not, we now have the one minute warning, we bypassed the two minute warning so I think we got to kind of wind it up. Give us a call 808-669-0070 Roy and Betty Sakamoto here kind of enjoying the moment at KAOI radio and loving what we are doing. We love our real estate and love what we are doing selling real estate so give us a call we'll do our best to help you figure out how you can have your home on Maui.

R: Aloha!

B: Aloha!

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