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Get Out & Vote!
November 04, 2014

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's real estate corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where prestige is our business, reputation our foundation. Okay and now we are just out of the... I'm trying to get this one out. I wanted to get everyone registering to vote now. What I'm trying to say is, the elections are over but I know so many people that failed to vote, they weren't registered to vote, etc. So, I know it's a little late for it, but it's not too late to register to vote. Just do it early. Register now. Figure out how to do it, because it's really important and it's important to us. We're a small state, small community, etc. Register to vote.

Roy Sakamoto: Yeah. You know, that's true and a lot of people who are complaining, "well, so and so got elected or this measure passed or that measure failed" and then they are complaining, and you say, "well did you vote for or against or whatever" and they say, "well no I'm not registered." Then you say, "why in the heck are you complaining then? Go register!"

B: And I still want to do another shout out to women of Hawaii, women of Maui. We need to vote and nobody today, should be saying, "my husband votes for us." Think about that. Look up when women got the vote and how it all happened and how important it is. Or think about the countries in the world where women do not have the right to vote or to say anything. We want to have that forever. Roy Sakamoto with me, my husband, Roy.

R: Good morning.

B: Good morning. We have a variety of things we want to chat about today. One is going to be the information Roy, on Santa Clause coming to town.

R: Right. December 5th. First Friday in Wailuku. It's going to be a fun night.

B: It'll be great!

R: Right, and our webmaster, Meyer Computer, is going to be very, very involved in this. Santa Claus is coming to Wailuku. December 5th.

B: It'll be a lot of fun and you can get your picture taken with Santa Claus and possibly your child's picture taken with Santa Clause. It's nice if everybody brings with them an unwrapped gift, because they'll be doing a collection of gifts. Call us when you have a moment and if you need additional details. Sakamoto Properties (808) 669-0070 and we'll fill you in on everything you need to know about it or we'll have you call Meyer Computer. Go to Figure out those guys, there're going to know everything about it.

R: Right and thank you Meyer Computer. They can probably put a link on our website. So if you get to our website, and look for the link to First Friday in Wailuku, December 5th.

B: Or maybe link to Santa Claus.

R: Yes.

B: First Friday Wailuku. I like to have a Santa Claus link on there.

R: Yeah, yeah.

B: And what were the other... oh..

R: Lahainaluna.

B: Lahainaluna.

R: Yeah.

B: This weekend at War Memorial Stadium, was absolutely an unbelievable event. Mrs. Cooley, Sue D. Cooley who is the person that primarily paid to end up with the stadium at Lahainaluna High School, which is now named the Sue D. Cooley Stadium, was honored at the game in the fashion that would have brought almost anybody to tears, we all had tears on and off. It was so beautiful she got a police escort from the parking lot. She's 91 years old, she's full of vim and vigor and she's such an amazing women and there she was and the community was so great. There were hundreds of lays, she was like a high school graduate, wouldn't you say?

R: Yeah. Right. And the proclamation from the Board of Education from the state of Hawaii, there was a proclamation read and real chicken skin moment.

B: It was. At the end of it, I mean basically they thanked her not just for the stadium but for her contribution to the education of the students of the state of Hawaii and when you see these kids play with all the heart and love of their school it's more than just that they got a stadium, you know they got new pride and they got a sense of community and to have Sue there they ended up winning. Fifty-something to seven.

R: Fifty-two to seven. You know, I want to say something about school spirit also. They played Kamehameha school of Hawaii on the Big Island, and even though they had been shellacked by Lahainaluna. I mean fifty-two to seven is a big beating. After the game as we were walking off the field, the football players from Kamehameha Hawaii, stood up, addressed their fans and they sang their alma mater. What a great show of sportsmanship and really, really, a very touching moment for us.

B: It was. We were just getting ready to leave the stadium when they were doing that. So, we stopped and applauded for them because it really was great that they took the time to do that for them. Another interesting thing, the game was over, minutes. I mean, just over and all of a sudden, you're looking up and there was a huge fireworks display, mammoth.

R:Perfect timing.

B: Perfect timing. I mean for an instant, I'm thinking, who would ever have done that? I mean it had to be someone on Maui. It wasn't occurring to me that is was at the MACC, which is where it was. But it was absolutely, one of those chicken-skin moments.

R: Yeah it was. It was a big anniversary party at the MACC. Happy anniversary to MACC. Boy the timing was perfect, as soon as the game ended the fireworks went off.

B: Yeah it was, and the fireworks were going off everywhere. Well anyway, a lot of exciting things going on. The thing we started on here is, go to the website, take a look. You can buy a row of bleachers for thousand dollars, put anything on it that you want and there are a lot of things that the stadium is still going to need. So, the fundraising will never end, the big money has happened, it's been built. Still everybody needs your help and all of the other things that the Lahainaluna High School foundation does, like scholarships and working with the students, etc. You know who else? Emily DeCosta.

R: Yes, the Principal.

B: Emily, the Principal of Lahainaluna High School. She was there of course. She was just, she looked so beautiful and she was so fabulous. Her and Sue had a couple of really nice moments. She does a great job and it was really a pleasure to see her. We were old friends. I mean, we've known them...

R: Oh, we've known Emily for years and years.

B: Like, thirty some years, I think.

R: Yeah.

B: But anyways, it was really great and there are so many people there, from the Board of Education.

R: Lindsay Ball.

B: Lindsay Ball.

R: Right. The Maui representative from the Board of Education. Each class of Lahainaluna, president class, gave Sue something; from the freshmen through the seniors. The junior class named a star after her in the Aries constellation. Wow! How great is that?

B: She was really touched by that.

R: Wow!

B: Then the senior class actually bought her a bleachers seat. You know, a bleacher row. So, they spent a thousand dollars doing that.

R: They raised a thousand dollars. How great is that?

B: The other kids, but now I'm drawing a blank on everything. There were a couple of little plaque things that were fabulous. And the kids themselves, I mean they were so excited to talk to Sue, to hang there with her for a minute, to give her a hug, to say "thank you", "thank you Mrs. Cooley, thank you Aunty. It was great.

R: Yeah.

B: Okay.

R: So,

B: Check it out!

R: Yeah.

B: Okay. Real Estate!

R: Yep. Sakamoto Properties 669-0070


R: Right.

B: So check in with us.

R:How about starting off with 800 Jacaranda?

B: Okay. Great listing. Pineapple Hill.

R:Right at Pineapple Hill. Behind the gates at Pineapple Hill. It's at 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath and it's currently listed at $2,800,000. Fully furnished, with a pool and very, very easy to show.

B: It's a corner lot. So the lot itself is larger than normal and it provides a really great grassy area next to your home. So the lot is a little over 11,000 square feet, which as you know, for Maui is a nice size lot. It really is a beautiful home, great view, excellent condition and typically it's easy to show. So, if you're looking for something like that, call us and we'll fill you in on what's going on at Pineapple Hill and other homes in the West Maui Community.

R: Right.

B: Island wide, but mostly, I mean we're pretty fast out in stuff out in West Maui and we would love to talk to you.

B: You know I just noticed that we have about $134 million dollars in listings. So, whether you're interested in buying or selling, call us. 669-0070 or look at our website, courtesy of Meyer Computer, our website

B: Perfect. So again, Pineapple Hill. The price range there is between about 2.8 and 7 million. So, I mean, there are some amazing homes. Size goes up to 8 bedrooms, 8.5 baths. Which is on over 30,000 square feet of land. So we got some really great properties there.

R: Right. And here is a great buy that's listed by Mitch from our office. 107 Pulelehua, in Pineapple Hill Estates. Listed under 3 million dollars, fully furnished, it's a 3 bedroom, 4 baths. Very, very easy to show, the owners have never rented so it's very easy to show. State of the art everything, audio visual, media room, private pool, spa, great location.

B: That one is over 20,000 square feet. Huge view, it's a wider lot, which is really great. And again, that's state of the art audio, visual and media room. The entry garden is fabulous. You walk-in to a really great courtyard entry, which is different than almost anything. But that courtyard place is a place that I think, you know, for kids or grandkids, it would be a great place for in the morning for everyone to be able to hangout, play, be outside, but not be on the pool side. That's really an amazing value.

R:Right. And that's listed by Mitch from our office. Mitch is easy to reach 669-0070 or 870-5548 is Mitch's cell.

R: You know, as long as we're on Kapalua for a minute. You know all of Kapalua right now, I think is a great value. There's condominiums listed from around 685 up, to the top, being over 5 million at Coconut Grove. But I think the value there is unbelievable because you are never going to see this again.

R:No absolutely. We have a listing at the Golf Villas. Kapalua Golf Villas and it's right on the 11th fairway of the Bay Course. It's a 1 bedroom, 1.5 bath, listed at $675,000. Great price, it's a top floor, corner unit, fully furnished and it's rated by the Kapalua Villas Rental Program as a gold standard. And again, 26 V-1 $675,000. Call our office 669-0070 or look at it on our website, which is

B: That property is really great. You've got all the sunsets. You can see Molokai, Lanai, really big beautiful view. It's right near one of the pools, there's four pools at the Golf Villa. Walking, everybody at Kapalua is out walking in the mornings, going over to the Honolua store for coffee, maybe to the Rites Carlton for breakfast, but it's really a fabulous place for a second home or a primary home. We're fortunate to be living there. Love living at Kapalua. And again, it's a great spot to be getting up and out first thing in the morning or after dinner.

R: Yes, yes, absolutely.

B: So again, living at Kapalua, for anybody it's fabulous. Think about that. Think about Kapalua.

B: Right. Here is a brand new listing. In fact, we just got the listing last night, also at the Golf Villas is 26 P, as in patio, 3 and 4, it's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Just recently, totally remodeled, new furniture, new furnishings, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and again right not the 11th fairway of the Bay Course. Beautiful views and is listed at $850,000. Very easy to see this one, it's never rented. So again, call our office 669-0070.

B: One of the things that people like about that floor plan and the P level is, that you're right on the golf course. So again, if you're sitting out there at night and you've maybe barbequed, you're having some dinner there.

R: Mai Tai, or whatever.

B: A little Mai Tai, a little something. It's really fabulous because you can really just be hanging out there. If you're out there early you'll see the end of the golfers coming through that maybe played a few extra holes or they're just getting through their round. But really, it's perfect stop to be or walk from, to head down to Pineapple Grove Restaurant. Golf Villas are really great, the P level is also super. The first one we were talking about, top level, this one you go down to it but it's on walkout level to the golf course. Love it.

R: Right, right.

B: Love it. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths.

R: Okay. How about going over to the Ridge? Apartment number 621 at the Ridge, which is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 bedroom, 2 baths actually. Listed at $699,000, beautiful view, North to Honolua Bay to Plantation Golf Course, Ritz Carlton Hotel, and also, great view of number 6 on the bay Course.

B: And of course the ocean.

R: And the ocean.

B: And the ocean.

R: Yep.

B: Again, that's a great, great unit. I mean, I love seeing the Ritz Carlton. We lived on that side of the Ridge for a long time and if there's anything going on at the Ritz, you see it. You know, so, if there's fireworks, you're right there front and center.

R:That's right.

B: And that really is kind of fun.

R: We actually had our cat that loved the fireworks. Yeah, every time the fireworks would go off at the Ritz Carlton, this cat would run to the living room, patio door and watch the fireworks.

B: Interesting.

R: Yeah. A great listing, ocean front, is the Ironwoods number 24.

B: Perfect. It is a 2 bathrooms, 3 baths, plus a study. So it kind of almost functions as a 3 bedroom cause the other one is just a small room. People will use it as an office or set it up with a hide a bed, so you've got some additional sleeping room for kids or grandkids.

R: It's a huge apartment.

B: Huge apartment.

R: Over 2,100 square feet, so it's great. Very private and you have your ocean front right at the Ironwoods at Kapalua.

B: Pool is fabulous, jacuzzi is great, it has, it has everything. Workout room

R: Yeah. It's a small development, there's only 40 units in all of the Ironwoods. It's gated, private tennis courts, two tennis courts, a workout room, a resident manager that lives on the property, very, very nice setup.

B: Really great management. So I mean, I think that says a lot. They got a manager that has been there for a long time. He's really superior, so I think that again, that's a great key when you're buying a property like that. The area where the pool is and the workout room, there's also a great area where they got some great bookshelves and people exchange books there and I think there's ping pong and a pool table.

R: Yeah.

B: I mean there's a lot of stuff that comes in and out of there, but people really enjoy it, and I think it is a place that; it is second home property it's not really a spot that does rentals. You'll love it, and I mean again, call us to see that (808) 669-0070 or

R: Yes. While we're ocean front at Kapalua, how about Coconut Grove number 15?

B: Great. That's a fabulous buy today because it's just under 5 million and for Coconut Grove on that beach.

R: Right. Yeah. Low rise, right on Kapalua Bay. Boy, your ground floor unit, you're walking right out to the great expansive lawn, right on out to Kapalua Bay. Again, only 36 private homes in this Coconut Grove development. This one is about 2280 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Dean Otto from our office, who's also been on our show quite a few times. Dean has the listing on this and he can be reached at the office 669-0070 or his cell phone, which is 870-7736.

B: Okay, as long as we're on all of this, what about Kapalua Place?

R: Yes.

B: Okay.

R: Wow! Awesome home!

B: Now this is the top of the top, of the top. 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, listed at $20,880,000. This is ocean front at its total finest, very contemporary home, designed by Jeff Long, 18 - I mean pocket doors..

R: 18 foot high sapele wood doors, all automatically controlled. Everything you want in a new modern home is here. It's on about 2/3 of an acre, ocean front, right at Kapalua Place. Address is number 3 at Kapalua Place, and again, look at photos of this on our website at, and go to 3 Kapalua Place.

B: We have amazing photos online, so again, take a good look at that. It's fabulous, and that is a property, and again, as time goes on, you're not going to touch it again in these price ranges. I know that they are high and for a lot of people it's a chuckle, but for the person that wants that, it's amazing, it's going to be totally one of a kind. You know, as we are coming down to the wire almost, Roy. The other thing that I kind of always like to talk about is, you know there are properties available right now for everybody, you know. So, if you've been thinking, you're a resident here, you're working, it's time that you contact a realtor. Certainly, we would be more than happy to have you call us and come in and talk to us. We'll have you talk to a local mortgage broker, and try to help figure what it is you could buy and how you can have your American dream. You know, how you can find the property that you're going to live in.

R: No, absolutely. Yeah, whether it's your first purchase, your second purchase, second home, third home, whatever, we have the expertise and the professionals to assist you right through the whole process. So, call us. Sakamoto Properties 669-0070 or on our website

B: You know, we've just been given the 2 minute warning.

R: Wow, time flies.

B: How does this happen?

R: I know, I know. I'll tell you a good buy though, while we're on the first time home buyer perhaps is, Elizabeth's listing at 30 and 34 Kili Nahe street in Napili. It's set up as kind of a duplex and it's listed at $985,000. It's a great set up, we've seen this a couple of times and highly recommend anyone looking at this. It's a great second home and it's also a great primary residents.

B: We've had people looking at that recently that would live there, and I actually had one person the other day, that said was saying he would live in the Ohana himself and rent out the house for now, because he would be coming back and forth, now that was a second home person. I think it will be a owner occupant because the income will be good from the Ohana.

R: Yes.

B: And that helps everybody.

R: Right. Absolutely.

B: Okay, now we've passed the one minute warring. So, we're going to have Danny Couch coming back and thank you Danny; we love using your music on our show. We've been trying to check out and see when you're in Honolulu and we can get over there and see you again. So, we should all check on that. Danny has a great Christmas album.

R: Yes.

B: That everybody should have.

R: It's almost Christmas, so...

B: I think, you'll find it.

R: First Christmas in Wailuku, December 5th. Don't forget.

B: Do that. I mean, everybody should go. First of all, the First Friday.

R: First Friday.

B: First Friday in Wailuku.

R: It's actually the first Christmas I think too in Maui.

B: Yeah, that's over there. But anyway, First Friday Wailuku, is always every week. But the Christmas one is really special. The kid's love it and Meyer Computer does a phenomenal job of making this happen every year so that all the kids, anywhere on the island, can be there.

R: Good.

B: A special Aloha!

R: Aloha!

B: See you next time.

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