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Election Day on Maui
November 6th, 2012

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner on Election Day 2012. My husband, Roy Sakamoto, and I feel honored to be with you on this very, very special day for the American people. It is the day, this is "get out the vote" day. What do you think about Election Day 2012 Roy?

Roy Sakamoto: Well, I think everyone should get out and vote and I'll tell you, we're going to have a service today from Sakamoto Properties. If you need transportation to go vote please call our office (808) 669-0070 and we'll make sure that you get transportation to wherever you're voting. And if it's Upcountry or South Maui go ahead and call us because we have broker contacts in those areas and we'll get somebody to drive you to your voting place.

B: I think that's one of the most important things. We all lose sight sometimes that we might have a neighbor that has difficulties in actually getting out, doesn't have transportation, doesn't have a car, they need our help. You might have a neighbor that just needs you to just run over and babysit for them for a half hour so that they can get out and vote. Each vote is vital. This is a major election year, we're voting for our president for the next four years. Whoever you're going to vote for, the point is: Vote. We're living the American dream here, vote.

R: Absolutely, and there's a lot of important races. We have the U.S. Senatorial Race, the House of Representatives, we have County Council races, and we have the County Charter Amendments to vote on. And if you're not familiar with these grab the newspaper and familiarize yourselves with the different issues as far as the county charter amendments. Go ahead and read about the different candidates and their views on different topics. But most important, get out there and vote. And if you say, "Well, you know, I only like one person in all the races" and so forth, fine, go out and vote for that one person. It's important, get out there and vote people.

B: Absolutely, Roy and I are not asking who you're going to vote for and we're not trying to direct anyone to one party or one candidate, etcetera. We just want to make sure that you do it, that you get out. You get out, you vote, and you take care of our rights as Americans. So you've really got to do it. The people of Maui need you; it's the people of the United States. We're all Americans so let's do it, call us.

R: We are all Americans and you'll be able to see us on YouTube and on our website but Betty's got on her scarf with the red, white, and blue and the stars and stripes. She's ready.

B: You know one of the things that I think is: none of us have enough time anymore. We all have this constant time crunch but today each of us are going to do a variety of things, you might pick up a coffee or you might go to lunch. There's a whole lot of time things, you might talk to your coworker, you're going to talk to someone when you drop off the kids at school. Well take care of your time; take care of your minutes today because that's all it really takes to go to your polling place. So again, it's so vitally important that we're begging you to get out and vote.

R: And again, call us (808) 669-0070 if you need any assistance, any assistance in transportation or babysitting or whatever you need to get out and vote. Please call us (808) 669-0070 at Sakamoto Properties.

B: And we will be helping you figure out that one way or another. We're going to have a list of names, you may get us yourselves if you're close by. But we're trying to see to it that if there's a way that somebody who really needs a ride that we can help and I know there's a lot of organizations that are doing the same thing. So, I'm going to try to have a list of all those people but if you call us, call our office. We'll have somebody there, again, (808) 669-0070. But let's do it and let's help one another. I think, again, it's so important to us. It's so important, right Roy?

R: Oh no question, absolutely. Get out and vote.

B: Now we're going to try and intermingle a bit since we are a real estate company and our slogan has been "prestige our business, reputation our foundation". You know, we want your business. That's really what we're all about but we also want to just keep this up to date for the time that we have with you to get out our message. So Roy why don't we try to come up with a couple of different ideas for them for real estate but I'm going to keep us drifting back to vote. Keep it going.

R: No, that's great and before we get into real estate I want to acknowledge an award, a very prestigious award that Mitch Mitchell from our office received on November 1st. It was the National Philanthropy Day and Mitch was honored as one of the top fundraisers in the state of Hawaii for all his efforts for Hale Makua. Thank you Mitch and well deserved honor.

B: True, it was an amazing honor, it was absolutely great that he's involved in that and he has another honor coming up shortly. So it's a very exciting time, and he has worked so hard. And he does, all of us are trying to help with our community, it takes our time, it takes our energy, it takes us away from our children, or it takes us away from our businesses. But it is important and I think today more than ever we're in a world where we need to remember to take care of one another. It's not all about the government taking care of us. We need to remember that we take care of one another and I think we will be a better country, a better people, and for us, a better island.

R: Yes, we will be. And while we are on the topic of an island, I want to offer encouragement to the team from Baldwin High School and the team from Lahainaluna as they proceed on into the state football tournament. Baldwin is the Maui champion from division one and Lahainaluna is division two and they had one heck of a football game a couple of weeks ago, Baldwin and Lahainaluna. And it went into overtime.

B: They say there were six thousand people at that football game. Now Roy's a Lahainaluna graduate and we've been very involved with Lahainaluna High School so that is who we're for. But we did hear that at that stadium there was a sea of red shirts. Now, some of you know what that means, and some of you don't but it was amazing, but the best thing I think as we watch sports this year and football in Maui is the sportsmanship of all these teams. I think the Baldwin guys are unbelievable as are the Lahainaluna guys. I think sportsmanship runs rampant on this field wouldn't you say?

R: Yeah, you're right and it's a credit to the coaches and the administrative staff of these schools. The kids are well trained and mannerly. They'll fight their hearts out and they'll try to beat you every way that they can but they'll do it with good sportsmanship and recognize good sportsmanship on the other side. Anyway, as we go forward here, go Baldwin, go Lunas and good luck on the state tournament.

B: Okay, back, maybe for a moment, on real estate. We talked a little for a moment while riding over here from Lahaina about what we really do and how important we think it is and again it's a business but not as important as voting today. But one of the things that we like to think is that we don't only sell real estate but we sell the American Dream and we sell it in a variety of ways. We sell it to owner-occupants here on Maui, we sell it to first-time homebuyers, we sell it to the guy who comes over here, the couple that have dreamed all their lives of owning a vacation home here, or to the people who have just retired and are moving here and are so excited about coming to Maui. So we aren't just selling real estate, we're selling the American Dream and we do try our best to see to it that we give everybody as much aloha as we can when they come to us and see to it that their needs are met.

R: We sell a way of life and you can check out the different ways of life we have here on Maui. Check out our website or give us a call at (808) 669-0070. Eight-oh-eight, of course, is our area code, and we'll chat with you. We'd love to chat with you, we've got a great staff of professionals and their expertise, I think, is unsurpassed here on Maui. So give us a call and check out our website

B: You know, you mentioned our staff and I think that is really important. I mean it's great that we have a reputation for selling some really expensive properties and that's great and we have. We've been fortunate to be able to work in the upper end of the market, a lot to sell some very expensive properties. But trust me, we are not above any property or helping someone find their home, their dream home, no matter what the price is. We also have some unbelievable agents who are doing the same thing. Elizabeth Quayle has done a fabulous thing in Napili. She's worked extremely hard and has probably made, I think, the majority of the sales at Napili Hau and I think that's fabulous. She lives there herself, and has brought in some great people and great families and she does everything that she can for them. Hank Quayle has done a lot in that area too. So we've got so many people in our office that are working to see to it that the dream happens, you know. And the dream will happen.

R: The American Dream, talk to the professionals at Sakamoto Properties.

B: It's an exciting time; I can't stop getting back to: it is Election Day. So if you're just picking us up this moment, get out and vote. Whatever it is you're doing right now, if you're in your car, turn in the direction of your polling booth. If you don't know where it is, stop, go online, you can find "polling booths, Maui" or polling booths close to you. Or ask Siri, if nothing else. I don't think she's that smart but give it a shot. She might know, she's going to know where to go.

R: Okay, let's talk about the market.

B: Well, we talked about it on the way here too and a couple of things that we think are interesting and was one of the first things that you said, you might want to repeat it.

R: Oh, I'll say it. If you're out there procrastinating and waiting for the bottom of the market, I'll tell you what, you're too late. You've missed the bottom of the market. The best time to buy is right now, in a rising market. For those of you who are going to wait for the "bottom of the market" it's too late. Get out there and buy now because the best time to buy is in a rising market.

B: True, I mean, if you're stepping into a market of great buys, steals, etcetera, etcetera, and that's what you've been looking for the bottom. Roy's right, it's over, you want to get into a market, if you go into an area where the bottom hasn't happened you could wait for years before it turns around. You want to step into a rising market which is exactly where we are on Maui. It's a market that is just happening, it's starting to rise. This is where you want to be because you're going to get in, you've got great buys, low prices, unbelievable interest rates, and the mortgage lenders are really looking to do loans with you. We can get you tied up with a lender, we can get you ready, and we can possibly have you in a home before the end of the year. So many people have been saying that they're waiting for the election to be over, well it's over, that's another thing, it's done now and whichever way it goes, it really doesn't matter. We all still want to have a home, we want to have a place we raise our family, and we can help you do that. If you're stepping in and ready, and sure we do more of the second or third home, whatever, but let us help you with that. And check out our listings at, it'll take you into the MLS and you can put in an area and search everything that's available on the island of Maui.

R: Absolutely, whether it's a home in Wailuku or Kahului or Upcountry or Maui Meadows in Kihei, or Wailea, or West Maui, Lahaina, Kaanapali, or Kapalua. Check out our website and by getting into our MLS system you can research all the homes and so forth that might be of interest to you. Give us a call (808) 669-0070 and we can help you, we'll hold your hands and we'll help you through the whole process. It's not a complicated process but it sounds overwhelming sometimes if you're not familiar with it. Financing, escrow, and so forth, we professionals can help you.

B: You're right, it's not that complicated but for anyone stepping in, I don't even care if it's the fifth time you bought something, but certainly for the first time. It's hard, it's like a foreign language, it's overwhelming, but we can really help you every step of the way so think about that. Call us, I think we said those numbers enough times now. You know Roy, back to get out the vote for a second because it crossed my mind. If we have any real estate brokers listening to this, call us. And if you're willing to pick someone up and drive them, wherever you are, call us as soon as you hear this message and we'll try to give someone your name if you're willing to pop out from where you are to pick someone up, take them to vote, then take them back home. So I think it's really worth it. We know we've got so many real estate bodies all over the island so let's work together on this.

R: I'll bet you Jim Worley of Pali Kai Realtors, Kihei is listening to this and I'm sure he'll have himself or one of the staff members drive you to wherever you're voting in Kihei ?

B: Or he'll send Kathy, his wife, and have her out driving people everywhere. So let's see what we can do about it. And it may only be a few people because it is Election Day now but whatever it is, if we can help one person vote and they're going to feel better about themselves. They're going to go home and know that they're part of the solution, they're not part of the problem. And it's hard for us on Maui because as the day goes on we feel like our vote doesn't even matter. You know that the election's already going to be decided before it gets to us but you know something, you never know. There could be that one election, maybe it's this year or maybe it's another year, that maybe it comes down to Hawaii. Seems impossible but I kind of believe in the impossible, so let's get our votes.

R: And just as important are the county council races, the Hawaii senatorial race, the House of Representatives, and there's the charter amendments. So go and vote people.

B: You know, one of the things you mentioned a minute ago, Roy was that someone maybe doesn't know who to vote for or they don't know what to do and all of a sudden it's Election Day. Well go grab a newspaper or go online or something and take a look. Remember, there's something in your life that you really care about, maybe it's education, maybe it's retirement, maybe it's social security, maybe it's health care, maybe it's just something that's totally a Maui issue. But whatever it is you can figure it out and vote for the person that you believe will help you in your direction. So if there is something that you care about then there is a person that you want to vote for so take a look. You know, get your newspaper, it was probably out, you probably already have it at your house but pick it up. Or go online, if there's only one thing that you want to vote for go and do it. We're Americans first, vote.

R: Okay, back to real estate: Prestige our business, reputation our foundation. How about Masters 906, listed by Elizabeth Quayle, one of our professionals and this has been totally upgraded.

B: Amazing, it really is what they've done to that. You know, they actually bought the property and got in the middle of a major, major renovation because it was going to be their only home on Maui and they wanted it to be something extremely special. But then, in the middle of that there came an ocean front house on the market and when they saw it they thought that maybe their dream could be updated a little and they were fortunate enough to buy an ocean front home which was anybody's dream. Anytime we walked into that house I kept saying, "Oh I could live here in a minute, in a heartbeat". And these people were the fortunate ones that got to do it. But they didn't stop their remodeling or their renovations at the Masters so it is one of the finest units that you'll ever see. It's being sold unfurnished so you'll be able to go in and add your touch to it. But it's perfect, it's easy to see, and you can call us at the office (808) 669-0070. Elizabeth Quayle will be available and she'll see to it that you get in really promptly. If you're looking for something absolutely perfect, that's one of those properties.

R: Yes, it is. Let's throw in one more of Elizabeth's listings, the Royal Kahana 514. It's a studio listed at $249,500,000 and great location. It's on the preferred view side with Molokai and ocean views. A studio for $249,500,000 fee simple at the Royal Kahana.

B: That's a great opportunity and the Royal Kahana happens to have a great rental program. So in a lot of cases somebody will buy, maybe, their first Maui property and their thinking it might be a second home but they aren't going to be able to spend much time here for a while. But they're great because the Royal Kahana has a great rental program, you're really able to use it when you're here. It'll be your second home when you happen to be on Maui. But when you aren't here it'll be in the rental program, you can store your things that you want to leave here in a closet here but you'll be able to step in whenever you want. So you work it out with your rental management and again, Elizabeth Quayle, call us at (808) 669-0070 and we'll have Elizabeth chat with you in regards to that. But great, great listing. She has some fabulous listings right now.

R: Oh, no question she and her brother Hank. Hank Quayle has a great one-bedroom, two-bath at the Whaler. Right on the ocean at Kaanapali Beach, it's a one-bedroom, two-bath, it's listed at $750,000,000 and it's up on the eleventh floor so you've got great views of Kaanapali Beach, Whalers Village is right adjacent to you, Lanai, and Molokai. The Whaler is a fantastic location.

B: You know, as long as we happen to be talking about Hank and Elizabeth, they both have listings at Napili Ridge which is more of an owner-occupant area, or long-term rentals, although I know people have bought them as second homes. But there's some great pricing in there, leasehold or fee simple, so it's a matter of really chatting about it, figuring out what you want and what you're going to be using it for. But we have sold a couple of them that were leasehold in the last year or so because the prices were so great. But again, Elizabeth or Hank, they both have great listings in there and if you're looking for a place to be your Maui home and in a lot of cases you might be a first time home buyer there or someone that's moved here and is working for the next three or four years it can be a great spot for you. Well managed and well taken care of property.

R: An example is, Elizabeth has two listings for $55,000 each, one-bedroom, one-bath, at Napili Ridge, B-13 and B-15. Great owner-occupant unit or second home or even as a rental where you can long term rent it out, get some cash flow, and have ownership of one of the best places on Maui.

B: Well let me see now, we're still, I still feel like our real message today is that we want everybody to vote and our listings are important and sure if you're listening to this you're paying attention, but if you haven't voted, come on guys it's time now. Get out and vote. Wake up, wake up Maui. Vote.

R: Wake up and vote. Again, call us (808) 669-0070 if you need transportation or any assistance.

B: And again, like Roy said assistance. We will do our best to see to it that somebody will pick you up and get you to the voting polls. It might be us, it might be somebody else but we're going to really do our best to see to it that if somebody is trying to get out and vote today and you can't that we will do our best. For those of you that have younger children, pay attention to your friends because there's a lot of you out there that have children but need to get out and vote. You can help one another even if you went together. Somebody can go in and vote while the other stays outside with the kids. There's so many things that would help to be sure that we do this year, in Maui, have the biggest turnout ever. It is vitally important to our community, vitally important.

R: What a great example you show for your children also when you take the effort to go vote. And you show them how important it is to go vote, and whether or not you think it makes a difference I'll tell you, it does make a difference. So get out there and vote, and again Sakamoto Properties (808) 669-0070 for any assistance at all. Transportation, baby sitting, whatever you need to go vote.

B: Well again, we're here trying to get out the vote as much as anything today, it's Roy and Betty Sakamoto. Sakamoto Properties we've been in business since the late seventies, we love what we're doing, it's Election Day and we're selling the American dream. I think that we live the American dream, we live the Maui dream. We live the Hawaii dream, we're some of the luckiest people in the world. Call us (808) 669-0070 and help us share that with you. And let's all share the spirit of aloha, not just today on Election Day but let's make it a part of the American dream. Let's take it with us wherever we may go. Wouldn't you say Roy, let's take it with us.

R: Share aloha.

B: Share aloha, that's really an amazing thing.

R: It's interesting, we just got back from the mainland and on the flight back from Las Vegas back to Maui and to see the excitement on all our fellow passengers. They're coming to Maui, they're going to have a great time on Maui. So practice aloha.

B: Practice aloha. And the last thing, remember if you're waiting for the bottom of the market, it's too late. Aloha

R: Aloha.

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