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Live Aloha on Maui
January 15th, 2013

Betty Sakamoto: Aloha, and welcome to Betty's Real Estate Corner brought to you by Sakamoto Properties where "prestige is our business, reputation our foundation". Hey Maui ?

Mitch Mitchell: Sakamoto Properties: Number one in exclusive real estate.

B: Hey Maui, wake up and buy some real estate. It is time. I have here Mitch Mitchell, who is there kind of throwing out our specialty logo, which maybe he'll get for us again, and we're going to share a bunch of things with you. How are you doing Mitch?

M: I'm doing great Betty, how are you?

B: Perfect, perfect.

M: You know Betty, I don't know if you knew it but I was off island for the weekend and I kind of wanted to mention coming back to the island from San Francisco and it really kind of hit me again how our visitors, it's visitors season and they're coming back, and how excited they are. A lot of them are first-time visitors to Maui and they wanted to know what to do or where to go and I've seen a lot of many-time returned visitors, and it really helped me appreciate where I live. Seeing the excitement in all their faces and the kids are talking about snorkeling and all this great stuff and it just kind of brought back to me how fortunate we are to live here and also to remember that these visitors are our friends. They're the ones that help our economy roll along, they're the ones that, you know, help bring life to the islands and I just have to remember to thank them for being here. A lot of the times we think, "Oh, look at the traffic" or "Oh my gosh, it's that time of the year again", and I forget the whole purpose. This is a wonderful place and what a pleasure it is to be able to share it with the world.

B: You know Mitch, one of the things that I think really is super is when you're travelling like that ? and I know you do it, we do it, and all of us from Maui should do it ? when you sit next to someone in the airport or on a plane, and they're coming to Maui, maybe like you said "first visit" or maybe "hundredth visit", but you start sharing with them a little bit of new information. Some new restaurants you might tell them about that you really love, you might talk about things that your friends have done or that you've done here on Maui to get people really hyped. Then they're out, by the time they're off the plane, they're really thanking you, and they're trying to figure out what it is that we all do here as local residents. Though, I think you're right Mitch, it is a big thing when we see our visitors let's all take care of them. Let's remember to "live aloha".

M: That's just absolutely great. It was fun seeing everybody excited about arriving in Maui.

B: It was good. You know to "live aloha". We've been talking about the last couple of shows about what it is and what it really means and one of the things that we've been saying is: let's all remember to spread aloha when we're driving. Remember that people are driving too fast, we've all seen some horrible accidents that have happened and a lot of it has to do with the fact that we're all too much in a hurry. We who live here, our visitors, we're all rushing to get to the next thing. Usually when we're driving, we're still driving and it's beautiful out, we're seeing something all the time, we don't have to save an extra two-minutes getting there that might get us or somebody else injured. So let's all be careful, and I think if we do truly "live aloha" we aren't going to do that. We aren't going to speed, we're not going to drive recklessly. So I think that's another thing, Mitch, that I think is really important for all of us is to remember to "live aloha".

M: Absolutely, you know, from driving the freeways in San Francisco, California, then back to our two-lane roads, let's just enjoy what we have.

B: Let's enjoy it. Well Mitch, here we are again. We've got some different real estate things that we want to talk about from Sakamoto Properties. Here's an interesting thing for you: Go to our website on your Smart Phone and you will automatically get the easy to use mobile version of our website where you can search for any of our listings or the whole Multiple Listings Service. So you can find almost anything, it's really easy to use. Again, use your Smart Phone and go to Another thing that we're thinking is, we get calls from time to time from people who are listening to the show and that's always fun what they're telling us. Well if you're listening to the show today, e-mail us. You can do it through our website,, and then contact us, or you can e-mail us at But, let us know that you're listening, or some things that you might want to hear in the future, or let us answer any question for you that we can answer because you should be buying real estate. It's true, wake up Maui, let's buy real estate. Not just let the investors and everybody come in and take up the great deals, you've got a chance also. You've had a couple of people and a couple of transactions that I think have been interesting, Mitch. Properties that we think will be good for a second-home for someone, or what I'm kind of thinking is the person who will be living here all the time. Even the Maui Eldorado, great place to live, easy living for someone that's just looking for a first-time, probably a studio, but that's a property and there's so many others that we've got right now that I think, between us and the complete board of realtors ?

M: You know, the Maui Eldorado, Betty, is one that is easily forgotten because it's kind of hidden away, it's old Hawaii, and there's cement building so there's sound protection and they start at a studio and go up to a two-bedroom. You and I have something coming out right down in front there?

B: Right, J121.

M: 121, J121.

B: So we'll have more information on that next week.

M: It's right down on the golf course and it's just a short little walk over. Maui Eldorado is the one that has the great pavilion right down on the beach, right in the middle of Kaanapali. So, let's not forget the quietness there and you're kind of close to all the nightlife and dazzle of Kaanapali and yet you're removed from it so it's not so right in your face all the time. Great property.

B: You know, there's four swimming pools, four swimming pools there.

M: Absolutely.

B: It's really great, great underground parking, covered parking, really amazing, and the landscaping. You're never going to see that again in Maui where you have so few units on such a huge piece of land in the heart of a major resort. You've got to see it, and you've got to think about it.

M: Yes, it's so quiet and kind of removed yet it's right there in the center of all of the action. That huge great beach is where all the boats load for snorkeling trips. It's a fantastic location.

B: It's a pretty amazing beach. You know, one of the places too Mitch, that's some of our listings are Aina Nalu, and Maui Lani Terraces, are just a couple of the places right now that I think from the standpoint of a resident trying to get in to a first-time property unit. One of the ones at Maui Lani Terraces is listed at $149,500 ? it's very turn-key, one-bedroom, one-bath, tiled kitchen and bath, really super Pergo floors throughout the rest of the unit. It's perfect, and it's an easy one to just get in there, move in, and enjoy the moment. So I think there are some interesting properties if you are thinking you just want to get into something so that eventually you can move up from it.

M: You know Betty, that would be a great little vacation hideaway for someone who lives up in Haiku or Kula to be able to come down and stay on the West side of the island and walk to the restaurants and kind of have a little "staycation" as we used to say.

B: You're right Mitch, a lot of people do that here that live Upcountry and we have somebody right now that lives in South Maui, Wailea, that's looking to buy a property at Kapalua because they like both sides of the island for different reasons. They've got a family and I think it would be really exciting to see that happen. Usually when someone does that they just buy a small condo as a place to have and rent it out when they're not here or when they're not over on the West side. But, these people are actually thinking that they like both, they like the differences and they'd have a whole house that they'd just keep for their family at Kapalua even though at the moment they're primarily living in Wailea. So, it's interesting Mitch, especially right now since there's so many great deals, unbelievable interest rates, etcetera, so it's a pretty amazing thing.

M: You know Betty, I've got that Bay Villas 15B3 that's got fantastic views and it's a great rentable property if you're not going to be here. It's listed at $975,000, it's a one-bedroom, bath and a half floorplan, entry on the street level, and it has these huge views and I think they have three swimming pools and two tennis courts. It's right in the heart of Kapalua and I think it's a very rentable condo, so that when you're not here you'll have some income to help defer the maintenance fees and so forth. I actually have it short-term rented at the moment. The people that are renting it I've arranged a 24-hour notice so we can get in. Remember Betty, that's always one of the problems this time of the year is that rentals are so good and our visitors are here and it's difficult to get in on short notice to view some of the listings. But, this is one that I'm able to show within 24-hours ? the Bay Villas 15B3. So please keep that in mind, it'd be a great second home and income property.

B: Great views, I mean that is a super one. For anyone that's been trying to look at properties right now, it is pretty amazing because at this time we're flooded with people looking. We've got so many places that you actually can't get in to view, so give us a call and let us work with you. Give us an idea of what your wants and needs are. Call us at (808) 669-0070, (808) 669-0070, and tell us what your wants and needs are. Talk to one of us and let us figure out what you need. We can get you in contact with some great mortgage lenders and that's really a key is to take a moment ahead of time and talk to a lender. As long as you're here it'll take minutes: we can do it on the phone with you, or we can have you walk in and sit down and meet somebody, but again this is the time, Mitch, this is the time to be buying real estate.

M: This is the time. It's amazing. The Golf Villas there in Kapalua, they were so reasonably priced up there and now they're primarily gone. There are only some left, a lot of investors took advantage of that so it's time that we keep some of it at home too.

B: In any event, between looking for residential homes, I think that we can sit down with you and figure out instead of just keep listing properties for you. Talk to one of us or talk to your own real estate agent if you've got someone that you've been working with. We really would like to have you get into your home this year and the sooner, the better. None of us have that special wand that's going to tell us when interest rates are going back up so I think right now, you're going to get a really great price for what you're purchasing and an amazing interest rate which will give you a payment that you'll be able to afford for the thirty years that you're going to have that mortgage. Having said thirty years, also keep in mind that in most cases it's not your final resting place. So you've got to look, you've got to find something that you can live with today and get into a home. There's no reason to rent forever unless you just want to make someone else's mortgage payment and let them go with the increase in market value. So call us, we can really help you. Call us. And you said, Mitch, that listing at Phase II Pineapple Hill Estates is a really nice property that you've got listed. Huge view and you've been showing that quite a bit. Do you think at this point, are we going to keep getting in there, do they have friends in town?

M: Yeah, that's a great house, and reasonably priced. They are here a lot but they have left now. But even if they are here, it's their second home so they will, with a little bit of notice, they will leave for the day so that we can show it. It's a beautiful three-bedroom, four-bath, built around a courtyard. Great views over the swimming pool to the sunset. And they have a big media room there and they've already plumbed next to it so we can have another bathroom and another bedroom if someone chose to.

B: That makes a lot of sense. The biggest thing to me with that house is, like you said, the entry courtyard which is pretty amazing and I'm always trying to come up with different ideas for how I'd like to see that used. Also, if you go out to see the view, huge, huge deck areas, it's absolutely magnificent. So, for family living, a family lifestyle, it couldn't be better. And the entry area, which is totally enclosed, with children, I think it's a great area. You could really have kids playing there if you were concerned about them being out near the pool. So I think, this house has so much to offer for a family.

M: Absolutely, there's so much for a family that spends a third of the year there now. But I hadn't thought of the front courtyard as a safe place for small children to play and keep them away from the swimming pool.

B: You know, a couple of places, 100 Ala Hoku, Mitch and I have this listed at $2,450,000. Two-acres, in Kahana, really great view, upgraded home. It has three-bedrooms, three-baths, and an outdoor bath also which is kind of nice. And a two-bedroom, one-bath ohana. One of the things, Mitch, that we've talked about quite a bit is the sod farm. People love the idea of that.

M: Yeah, it's great and it's one of those two-acres where every inch of it is under landscape, so it gives you a nice, quiet, comfortable feel with all the green around you and they really did a beautiful job with the inside of that home.

B: Nice stained-glass front doors. When you enter it's beautiful, you look straight out immediately, it's a big great room, gourmet kitchen, the view is everywhere, massive island bar for the family to sit around, commanding sunset views, everything. And the working sod farm, when people look at it and they think about it, it gives you way more benefits than you would ever believe and we can touch on those when you give us a call if that's something you'd be interested in. Another newer listing, Mitch, is that 4800 Lower Honoapiilani Road, almost 15,000 square feet of land, four-bedrooms, two and a half baths, listed at $1,499,000. That's another house that I think is quite amazing for what it is. In spots it's almost two levels, or you kind of step up in areas, and you're right across the ocean so when you're standing outside nothing is between you and the ocean.

M: And, the surf's been great lately so when you really hear it you'll realize where you are and what's going on.

B: Have you noticed Mitch, that no matter where you are at night you can see the surf. I mean you can hear the surf. I guess you can't see it but you can hear the surf. It's been stunning to me, because we live up on a hillside. But when you listen, you can, at night time, it's pounding. I'll admit that sometimes you look up and you say, "What is that?", it's the surf. So almost wherever you are today, you're going to hear the surf.

M: The surf's been great and it's great seeing all the surfers out there and all the cars out on the points. People are enjoying it.

B: Yeah, back a little bit to Kapalua, a lot of you probably either watched on television or where at the golf tournament this last weekend. Weekend before actually, I guess, because we just finished the Sony in Honolulu, but the Hyundai Tournament of Champions. We had kind of a little bit of bad weather going on and wind which stopped play quite a bit. So for the first couple of days, they got started but then had to wipe out all the scores and start over again. It ended up being a tournament that Monday, had 36 holes and went to Tuesday, which almost never happens, for 18 holes. But I'll tell you, if you wanted to see some fabulous play, you realize why they say these guys are good.

M: I can't imagine trying to swing a club out there, yet alone trying to hit a ball with that heavy breeze that was going on. But I was getting phone calls from all over the country, from people seeing it, and it was hitting their hometown newspapers.

B: It was pretty interesting, and everybody here had a different attitude. Everybody here was thinking, "Why aren't they playing? We'd be playing, we'd be out there on days like that where our ball won't sit on the green", etcetera. But the PGA Tour does have standards that they play to and they couldn't because of winds and certain holes, otherwise they would have kept going and played. But they were troopers and again, they give so much to charity. Again, the PGA Tour, and here at Kapalua, it is amazing what they give to charity so we sure applaud them and it was pretty amazing to see what they all did and how fun they were.

M: You know, I volunteer for Hale Makua out there at the tournament for around 20 years now and it was a little interesting. It wasn't quite as wet as it's been sometimes, but keeping everything nailed down was pretty interesting.

B: The wind was the killer but it wasn't always exactly where you were. It was when you got up to certain holes on the golf course that it was pretty amazing. You know, another interesting thing going on right now and you'd have to call us at (808) 669-0070 if you wanted to try to help at all. But there's a dog out on the Plantation Golf Course and he's usually around, or she, is usually around the 6th hole. They call her Girlie, and she's been there, I think, at least five years. I could be exaggerating. But they found a way to get her home and people are working really, really hard to get her. She comes down, she runs around the golf course, she plays with people, but she won't get close enough for you to get her and there's some amazing vets here on Maui that are helping the girls on the cart, the food cart at the Plantation course where they're trying to catch her, and they've got a plan for her to get a little more domesticated and a home, a permanent everyday home for her. But it is beginning to cost more money between some of the services they need for this to happen. So if this is something you'd be interested in helping with, it's just a little special feel good project that somebody is doing but Girlie is getting help from a lot of people and if it's anything you'd like to help us with give us a call (808) 669-0070 and maybe you've even got some ideas for us. Again, back a little bit to real estate, we're going to be winding down fairly quickly now so we're going to come up with maybe a couple of interesting moments in real estate or interesting properties, let's say. We're just finding, we're getting back to that time when people are realizing that they should be buying. I've been a little worried about our residents that are kind of passing up some of the deals because they're forgetting to get out there and what it takes to actually buy a home. And really, it just takes talking to someone, talking to a lender, talking to a Realtor. Don't you find, Mitch, that when you get somebody that you're working with who will actually, if you can get them to the lender, they will probably learn that they can buy something.

M: Exactly, or find out what they need to do so that they do get themselves in that position.

B: Right, sometimes your lender Mitch is going to tell you to maybe, well number one they'll often say don't buy a new car right now. You can do it later but let's just be sure your credit is as cleaned up as it can be. They might spend a year helping you clean up your credit but let us help you do that. Let us help you get to a lender, figure out what it is you need to do to buy property. Call the agent that you know, or the realtor, but if you don't have somebody call us (808) 669-0070. You can reach us through the website, you'll find Mitch on there. You'll obviously find myself, Roy, all of our other agents. Look at the properties, you can fill in a spot where it says what you need to do to look for any property. You can look for any location, you can look for West Maui, South Maui, and we've got everything there that you need.

M: You know, a lot of people just wait too long and ?

B: Let's not do that.

M: Let's get prepared.

B: Okay, aloha. Aloha from Sakamoto Properties.

M: Aloha.

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