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Maui County 2nd Highest for Hawaii Mortgage Approval

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October 12, 2018

For those of us that live in Maui, there are so many reasons to celebrate being a part of this amazing community. From the friendly neighbors to the plethora of fun activities to explore, it’s no wonder why we all love living on this island so much. But did you also know that Maui happens to be among the top counties in the state for mortgage loan approval as well? Now that’s another reason to celebrate!

According to a study by SmartAsset, an online-based financial technology company, Maui is among the top in Hawaii for mortgage loan approval rates. The study ranked counties across America by assessing the ratio of total mortgage applications to mortgage approval rates. In Hawaii, Maui came in second behind Oahu. In third place came Big Island and Kauai County ranks fourth with Kalawao County on Molokai coming in last. According to the report, Maui County has a 59.81 percent loan funding rate and an annual mortgage rate of $14,489.

This article goes to show just another reason why Maui is the best. So not only would buying a luxury home in Maui mean you will have access to miles and miles of white sandy beaches, island views and adventure at your fingertips but it also means you are well on your way to making this a smart and wise real estate investment.

Maui has one of the greatest tourism rates in all of Hawaii and it just makes sense to invest in a new vacation home or condo so that you can share all that this island has to offer and make money doing so. If you’re someone who loves the idea of getting a good investment property for well worth its price then it’s evident that Maui is the island for you.

With a great approval mortgage loan approval rates and beautiful views, why not make Maui your next home away from home? If you’re interested in learning about the Hawaii real estate market on Maui then please contact us so we can show you what makes this island so incredible. You may also want to take some time and check out what homes are for sale on the island right now. Check out some of our favorites like condos for sale in Kapalua and luxury homes in Kaanapali to see what’s hot on the market or spend a day exploring our Maui Real Estate Map to search by area. We can’t wait to hear from you and answer your questions. See you soon!

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