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Maui Named Most Popular US Fall Travel Destination

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October 6, 2017

Maui was recently named the most popular domestic destination for fall travel, based on the 2017 Fall Travel Trends Survey from Travel Leaders Group. With our balmy year-round weather and the more affordable prices during this off-season time, it’s no wonder Maui is the island of choice for visitors.

The survey included an impressive one-thousand travel agency professionals, which placed Maui at No. 1, just 1.5 percent behind was Orlando at No. 2, followed by Las Vegas at No. 3, New York City at No. 4, while the No. 5 most popular fall destination was Alaska cruises. Honolulu came in at No. 6.

While Maui got plenty of acknowledgement as the most popular fall destination, there wasn’t much discussion about why. It’s likely that travelers want to take advantage of the off-season to enjoy a luxury vacation at a lower price than normal, but there could be other factors as well. Considering the school year starts in the fall, there’s a lot of travel without children, especially in the later part of the season. Maui’s reputation as an icon for the ultimate romantic getaway vacation could have extra appeal to the kinds of vacationers who travel in the fall.

In any case, these are the trends that keep savvy real estate investors active in the Maui real estate market. Short term rentals can be more lucrative on Maui than many other markets, thanks to its delightful reputation and the strength of the visitor industry. But for many investors, it’s not just about turning a profit. It’s about starting a new life in a new place with a permanent move, or opting for a part-time residence in a place of magnificent beauty. Not all vacationers are content to simply visit once they’ve experienced Maui’s charms.

We’re happy to guide you through the Maui real estate search and purchase process, no matter what your plans. If you need advice on what kinds of plans might be the most realistic and fulfilling, we can help you there, too. There are a lot of factors to consider in terms of buying Maui real estate. For example, permits are required if you want to use your home or condo as a vacation rental. Some listings already have the required permits, while others don’t, which could factor into your decision to buy. If you need to reach out to us to answer your Maui real estate questions, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

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