Lahaina Wildfire: How You Can Help and Where to Donate

Lahaina Wildfire: How You Can Help and Where to Donate

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August 23, 2023
Lahaina Wildfire: How You Can Help and Where to Donate

The beautiful island of Maui has been recently devastated by the Lahaina wildfire, affecting the local environment, displacing numerous residents, and causing extensive property damage.

In the face of such adversity, the spirit of Aloha shines brighter than ever as communities around the world rally to support the victims of this disaster. If you’re looking to help, here are some ways you can contribute.

Where to Donate in Lahaina Wildfire Relief Efforts

Here’s a list of organizations and initiatives where you can donate or volunteer:

  • The Hawai’i Community Foundation has established the Maui County Community Disaster Fund to support local nonprofits providing immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts.
  • The American Red Cross has always been a reliable relief agency in times of disaster. The organization is accepting donations for the fires happening in Hawaii, and the funds will be used to provide shelter, food, water, and other essential supplies to those affected by the wildfire.
  • The Salvation Army is offering emergency disaster services including food, emotional and spiritual support, and basic supplies.
  • Aloha United Way, a non-profit organization located in Honolulu, has established a specialized fund to support those affected by the devastating Maui wildfire.
  • Hawaii Chamber Foundation Business Relief Fund: This fund has been set up to provide financial assistance to businesses affected by the fires.
  • Maui Food Bank: Donations to this group will directly aid people impacted by the recent disaster in Lahaina.
  • The Maui Humane Society is working tirelessly to rescue and care for animals affected by the fires and is accepting donations.
  • Ka Iānā Momona is a community-focused organization on Maui, they are accepting donations to aid in their ongoing community support efforts.
  • Maui United Way has initiated a disaster relief fund to support those affected by the wildfire. Donations will be used for long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.
  • ʻĀina Momona: Los Angeles restaurants are fundraising for Lahaina through the sale of specific items, with all proceeds going to this nonprofit.
  • World Central Kitchen provides meals to communities affected by disasters. They are currently on the ground in Maui, providing hot meals to those affected by the wildfire.

Beware of Scams

When donating to any organization, it’s important to ensure the charity is legitimate. Do your research and avoid those who make unrealistic claims or ask for personal information like bank or credit card numbers.

Support Local Businesses

The fires not only destroyed houses but also commercial establishments. Many small businesses in the area have suffered losses. You can support the local businesses by shopping locally, buying goods and services, and, if possible, connecting them to resources that can help them rebuild.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re local to the area, consider volunteering your time with Habitat for Humanity Maui, which will be involved in rebuilding efforts. You can sign up to volunteer on their website.

Maui United Way is coordinating volunteers for various recovery efforts. Sign up here.

Helping Local Wildlife

The impact of the wildfires extends beyond human lives and homes, with local wildlife also severely affected. Vets in Maui have been racing to save injured pets and animals left behind in the fires. Donations to local animal shelters and veterinary clinics can help these efforts.

The Historic Loss from the Lahaina Wildfire

The recent Maui wildfires have not only caused significant damage to homes and natural habitats but have also resulted in a tragic loss of historical artifacts. The town of Lahaina has seen the destruction of many objects that narrate the island’s rich history.

Museums and Historic Sites Devastated

The Lahaina Restoration Foundation, a non-profit organization managing local historic sites, has estimated that a significant portion of their collections, consisting of thousands of objects, has been lost in a fire. Paper, wood, ceramics, and fabric items are assumed to be destroyed.

Among the affected sites are four museums, including the Wo Hing Museum & Cookhouse and the Baldwin Home, which suffered extensive damage to its roof and artifacts. The old Lahaina prison and courthouse also experienced severe destruction, leaving only the walls intact.

Irreplaceable Artifacts Lost

Significant losses include the original Hawaiian kingdom flag and various objects showcasing the sustenance of native Hawaiians. While these artifacts may be lost, there is hope that certain items made from stone and metal have survived. Native Hawaiians are determined to find new ways to share their stories with visitors, despite the devastating physical loss.

This catastrophic event underscores the importance of preserving our historical and cultural heritage and finding ways to protect them from future disasters.

The Symbol of Hope: The Historic Banyan Tree

Amid this devastating event, a symbol of hope has emerged: the historic Banyan tree in Lahaina. Despite the deadly fire, experts believe it may survive. Donations towards its care and preservation can be another way of contributing to the community’s recovery and maintaining this beacon of hope for the future.

In summary, the devastating Lahaina wildfire has caused immense damage and challenges. However, it has also showcased the remarkable strength and togetherness of the community. Your generous contributions and support can make a significant difference in aiding Lahaina’s recovery and reconstruction efforts.

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